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Heroscape Thora’s Vengeance Warriors Of Ashra


Heroscape Shades Of Bleakewoode Dawn Of Darkness


Build Your Heroscape Army - Rise of the Valkyrie - 30 Figures and Cards


Heroscape Krug Utgar’s Rage


Heroscape Rise Of The Valkyrie Complete 30 Figure Set With Cards


NEW Heroscape Expansion Set Collection 6 Dawn of Darkness zombies NIB


Heroscape Wave 2 Utgar's Rage Complete -  Most NIB!


Heroscape Pieces Lot From Rise Of The Valkyrie Terrain Ruins Water Incomplete


Heroscape Templar Cavalry


Fire Elemental - Heroscape- Wave 11/D1 - Forgotten Realms - Free Ship Available




Heroscape Fen Hydra Champions Of The Forgotten Realms


Heroscape Jandar's Oath Wave 3 Complete Set NEW !!!


Heroscape Miniatures mini figure game Lot (No Cards) - dice part pieces


Heroscape Master Set Rise of the Valkyrie NEW!


Heroscape 4th Massachusetts Line Utgar’s Rage


Heroscape Einar Asstd. Figures Cards Lot Kiova Samurai McCreech Tagawa Imperium


Heroscape Master Set: Swarm of the Marro (Figures and Cards Only) 


Phantom Knights - Heroscape Wave 11 - D1 Champions of the Forgotten Realms


Heroscape Master Set Figures W/ Cards: 30 Figures


Heroscape Master Set: Rise of the Valkyrie (Figures and Cards Only) 


Marvel Heroscape Master Set: The Conflict Begins Game (Figures and Cards Only)


Heroscape Warforged Soldiers Warriors Of Eberron


HeroScape The Battle of All Time - Master Set Rise of the Valkyrie 2004


Heroscape Mogrimm Forgehammer Champions Of The Forgotten Realm


Heroscape The Rise of The Valkyrie Master Set Complete - Sparkly water tiles


Heroscape Dawn Of Darkness Wave 6 Complete


Heroscape Vampire lot


Heroscape Rise of the Valkyrie 30 Figures with Cards and Accessories no Terrain


Heroscape Zombies Of Morindan Dawn Of Darkness


Huge Lot of 50 Heroscape Miniature Fantasy Figures Lot w/ Cards


Kurrok The Elementalist - Heroscape - Wave 12/D2 - Eberron - Free Ship Available


Heroscape Terrain and Dragon Lot


Heroscape Iron Golem Warriors Of Eberron


Heroscape Ticalla Jungle Fyorlag Spiders (Figures and Card Only)


Heroscape The Axegrinders Of Burning Forge Blackmoon Siege


CUSTOM Knights of Weston Heroscape Squad w/ Army Card


Heroscape Dice Lot (Variety)


Heroscape Taelord The Kyrie Warrior Malliddons Prophecy


Heroscape Master Of The Hunt Moltenclaw’s Invasion


Dungeons & Dragons Heroscape Master Set: Battle For The Underdark (Figures Only)


Heroscape D&D Battle For The Underdark Master Set


Heroscape Custom Terrain - Mystic Portal...OF DOOM!


Heroscape zombies


Heroscape – Ogre Warhulk – Warriors of Eberron - Wave 12/D2 - card