What is rafting in Ukraine?

You have been dreaming about kayaking, extreme flight over the elements raging mountain river and a complete rest in the wild? The company "Rado Travel" invites you to plunge into the world of exotic and fabulous Ukrainian realize a cherished dream - rafting.

Do not think that rafting in Ukraine subservient only to professional sportsmen. Based on the classification, rafting tours are divided by level of complexity into six categories. We organize rafting in areas with levels of difficulty - no higher than third, designed for travelers who do not have any specialized training and equipment of its own. To participate in tours may even parents with children. Our alloys will help you master the skills of rafting experience and team spirit fearless struggle with the water element.

By floating on the river, all travelers are directly involved in rowing and follow the guidance of experienced instructors, which is especially useful for corporate rest. Common Cause associated with extreme danger and teaches teamwork teamwork and understanding without words.

Travel in Ukraine is not a myth, but a reality with reasonable prices.

"Rado Travel" offers to its travelers boating in Ukraine with the wild natural energy and a storm of positive emotions. At the same time we never forget about providing adequate security for their visitors. Rowers are always equipped with life jackets, safety helmets, neoprene suits and appropriate footwear. We organize for you 1-day and long kayaking trips through the most interesting and hidden from human eyes over Ukraine, rich in natural, and sometimes the architectural and historical monuments.

Rafting: in Kiev - for a ticket to the river - for the emotions

The company "Rado Travel" will prove to you that white-water rafting in the Carpathians and other regions have the right to popularity and can compete with rafting tours on the near and far abroad. We know what a white-water rafting. Ukraine has great natural resources - mountain river with many rapids, ledges, and other natural barriers that make the alloy at this maelstrom of adventure.

Rafting in the Carpathians
We organize tours to Ukraine, Carpathians rafting - river rafting trips on rivers such as the Black and White Cheremosh, the Tisa, the Southern Bug, Prut, Ros, Stryi and rafting on the rivers of calm: the Seversky Donets, eagle, Dniester, gums and Vorskla. Prices for rafting in the Carpathians is much cheaper than foreign alloys, and a memorable experience - watch the video rafting!

Organizers of the tourist company "Rado Travel" will quench your thirst for adventure and turbulent emotions and give you a vacation full of new experiences.