Pay per lead affiliate programs offer a golden opportunity

For many people affiliate marketing offers the most simple and cost effective method of earning an online income. The fact is that many of us dream of earning our income passively, without the requirement of a daily job. Online affiliate marketing offers this opportunity and with a huge swathe of products to promote, the choice is endless.

One of the key benefits of affiliate marketing is the fact that in essence all you are doing is promoting someone else's product. This has various benefits, specifically that it means that you are not required to create your own product. The fact is that product creation is probably the biggest stumbling block for most people looking to generate an online income. It takes time and money to create a marketable product and it is quite simply the main hurdle that most fail at.

There are a variety of types of products that can be created, many however feature the primary function that they must be generally downloadable, except of course pay per lead affiliate programs. There is general agreement that product creation creates a multitude of problems, as inherently the only products that can be downloadable are content such as software, music or ebooks. Whereas pay per lead are considered by many to one of the best affiliate program options available. Affiliate marketing utilising the lead affiliate programs offers an excellent return on investment for the affiliate themselves. They are able to utilise their own online marketing skills to promote and market the relevant product or service, and get paid a commission upon the submission of a lead.

For an affiliate marketer the critical element of any form of promotion is traffic. How they obtain that traffic and how well it converts are the critical elements to their success. Highly targeted traffic which specifically requires or is looking for the type of product or service that is being promoted, generally convert very well, whilst generic traffic which is not specifically tailored for a particular search term, or related to the product or service, will convert at much lower rates. There are a variety of methods that can be utilised to bring about targeted traffic, this includes press releases, which often results in traffic that is specifically tailored as the press release itself is written about the benefits and features of the product or service. Alternatively blog posts and commenting on specific blogs that are related to the same niche as the product or service will also bring about reasonably high conversion rates as the traffic again is highly targeted. A paid alternative is to utilise pay per click campaigns with adwords or bing being the two most popular options. These provide the ideal opportunity to target specific niche areas and keywords, utilising specific buying keywords or action keywords, this enables the affiliate marketer to target specifically geographical areas and key terms that will generate the best conversions. In addition with pay per click, the marketer need only pay when an individual has clicked on the relevant keyword advert.

In reality the most difficult inherent question for any affiliate marketer is what type of product or service to promote or ultimately what is the best affiliate program for them. There is little point in promoting a product that has very little interest or scope for improvement, however on the other hand they will struggle to find success with a product or service that is currently being promoted by the scores of other affiliates. Unless of course that particular affiliate is able to provide the levels of traffic that convert, and at a reasonable cost. For the new affiliate marketer, what is often the most suitable product is a product or service such as pay per lead affiliate programs that may well be affiliated through a network. These affiliate networks are organisations that offer affiliate marketing programs, most of which will have been screened to verify them. An affiliate network has a multitude of benefits for any affiliate marketer. This includes the fact that it provides useful information to enable the prospective affiliate marketer to make an informed choice. Information can include current status of affiliate offers, typical demographics as well as current trends, all of which can be utilised to glean information about the effectiveness of a potential marketing plan.

Irrespective of which ever online affiliate marketing program the individual chooses to utilise, the fact remains that with dedication and a solid marketing plan as well as a general interest in the relevant product or service in addition to utilising online promotional methods which are effective, affiliate marketing offers a simple yet effective means of generating a sizeable online income as has been seen many times over.