The Most Expensive Muscle Cars ever sold at Auction

Do you enjoy auctions? Do you love seeing the sometimes-overwhelming price tags of insanely expensive cars? Do you have a soft spot for Muscle Cars, just like all true car enthusiasts do? Then our list below is just for you; a comprehensive overview of the priciest Muscle Cars ever sold at auction.

We all know that Muscle Cars have largely been relegated to the realm of classic motor vehicle, but since it being a largely American manufactured car - there are still quite a few Shelby's and Gran Tourino's floating around that are in tip top immaculate condition; and if by chance they aren't there are still a host of 'chop shops' and garages all across the US and the world who specialize in the servicing of America's most beloved import. If, like me, you have admired the roar of a Chevvie Camero or a Chevrolet Chevelle SS from a distance (most likely a television screen, or motor show), then it's probably useful to mention that with the advent of online lottery games and guaranteed services by certain reputable online lotto ticket vendors, you too could be the proud owner of your very own Muscle Car!

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Now that we've introduced you to the best way to afford these classical beauties, let's get right into our enticing compilation:

A firm favorite, and a beastly looking machine, the Shelby packs as much 'muscle' under the hood as it does in its sleek, yet tough exterior design. A one of a kind car, Carroll Shelby believed that the bulky car would not sell and initially only produced 50. Prior to 1967, the Super Snake was only used as a race car - as it came equipped with the same engine as the LeMans race winning Shelby GT40. The rarity and sheer supreme power under the hood combine to make this one of the most sought after Muscle Cars in any car collection!

Another rare Muscle Car is the Chrysler-produced Hemi Cuda Convertible, especially the 1971 range. Only 11 of these beasts were produced during the 1970 production year. The one weakness of this specific car sold, is that it lacks the original engine of the 1970 production type; and instead comes equipped with a 1971 engine - which has led to it selling a lot cheaper than what it could have been.

The world's rarest Muscle Car - the 1971 Hemi Cuda - makes its appearance again. This particular car has earned the nickname: "The Holy Grail of Muscle Cars", as it is one of the 11 original Hemi Cuda convertibles fitted with a four-speed transmission and Hurst shifter right in the factory. It's believed to be the only one of its kind and was purchased this year at Mecum auto auction. It is officially the highest price ever paid for a Muscle Car and the highest paid for nay car produced by Chrysler.

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